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Internship 3D Technology

TSPA is looking for a 3-6 months intern to push the boundaries of innovative 3d technology in the field of urban design. The successful candidate will use Unity3d and Oculus Rift to create immersive virtualisation models of urban designs.


  • interest in 3d technology
  • interest in urban design
  • skilled in auto cad
  • experience with scripting languages
  • experience with Unity3d and game development a plus
  • excellent 3ds max skills
  • fluency in written and spoken English

Please send your application and portfolio to The selected candidate is expected to start in December 2015/January 2016.

Integrated Urban Management In Practice

In October 2015 Thomas attended the workshop ‘Integrated Urban Management In Practice’ hosted by the BMBF Research and Development Project „Rapid Planning“ and the GIZ Sector Project „Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Regions“ at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences as part of a UN-Habitat delegation.

We discussed and evaluated trans-sectoral approaches and implementation activities for integrated urban management.

The Rapid Planning Project is an action oriented research project that has been developed under the umbrella of the Future Megacities Research Program of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). Rapid Planning seeks to develop a rapid trans-sectoral urban planning methodology with a focus on urban basic services infrastructure, specifically targeting supply and disposal infrastructure. More about the project at


How will we move through our future cities? What comes after the superhighway and the failed predictions of jetpacks and moving sidewalks? Benjamin of TSPA will lead the three-day workshop “The Passenger City” at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences from November 11th to 13th, where students will speculate about the future of urban mobility and its impact on both street and city.

The International Design Week offers a wide programme of workshops, lectures, talks and an exhibition to reveal future trends on design and its related disciplines.



Kiev Workshop: Art Zavod Platforma & CANactions Results

TSPA’s workshop at Kiev’s CANactions School for Urban Studies in Kiev reimagined a former industrial area as a creative cluster. The motto of the workshop — ‘from research to proposal’ — turned out to be very real: The site’s owner was sufficiently impressed by the results that he committed to continue the cooperation and to jointly develop the student’s ideas further to turn them into reality.

Have a look at the workshop results here [pdf, 44MB].
Update: the workshop results will be released publicly on 18 December.

Read more about the workshop in the press here [Ukrainian: Пространство для творчества и развития должно быть комфортным] and here [Ukrainian: В Киеве состоялся совместный воркшоп школы CANactions и Арт-завода Платформа].

Many thanks to the Goethe Institute for support and to the CANactions team for organising, and especially to the participants for their great work!

Done that: A new centre for Naberezhnye Chelny

We have completed the strategic masterplan for the new heart of Naberezhnye Chelny. See the project!. Construction will commence in 2016.

Maitland could become the place to be for all African people in Cape Town

How can density become a tool for an inclusive and sustainable Cape Town?

Read Brittany Morris’ interview at future cape town with our colleague Ali Saad on the project we did as Uberbau together with NL-Architects as part of the Density Syndicate initiative.

With an Oculus Rift above the Techno Club

“With the Oculus Rift above the Techno Club” is Jasper Massink’s article about his professional and personal experiences during his internship at TSPA and in Berlin in general. Currently on the title page of archined [Dutch]. Read the full story here: Met de Oculus Rift boven de Technoclub: persoonlijke en professionele ervaringen in Berlijn.

Hey Jasper – we’re glad you survived that night!

TSPA at brand eins

‘Wie willst Du leben?’ (How would you like to live?) is the title of the october issue of the German brand eins economy magazine. TSPA has contributed to Wolf Lotter’s reflection on contemporary living conditions: Room to move.

Isocarp National Delegation Germany

Thomas Stellmach has been voted to form the National Delegation of Isocarp Germany together with Martin Birgel, Stefan Netsch, Peter Droege and Peter Zeile.


Thomas Stellmach and Benjamin Scheerbarth will travel to Rotterdam for the 51st congress of the International Society of City and Regional Planners ISOCARP. As part of the conference, Thomas will join a workshop in Dortmund on how to leverage economic growth from spatial projects while Benjamin will learn from Schiphol how to best connect airport host cities to the globalised world.

We are looking forward to seeing our colleagues there.