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Moscow Forum – City: The Details

Our colleague Filippo Imberti is heading to Moscow to participate as a speaker at the business forum and exhibition City: The Details (Город:Детали) and jury member at the relevant competition.
The forum is organised by the Government of Moscow City and will become part of the government program My District.
Filippo will present TSPA approach and case studies on urban spaces transformations.
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RISEBA Riga Guest Crit

From 15 to 16 December 2016 Thomas will be guest critic at RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design in Riga, Latvia.

Riga’s built environment features different urban paradigms. While some of its parts seem like Scandinavian villages, some parts remind of Berlin’s Gründerzeit, and – not surprisingly – large parts resemble typical Eastern Bloc suburbs. This enables the city to cater to a variety of generations, users and tastes.

The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) currently realises a unique, international and competitive architecture study programme in Latvia, between European and Russian heritage. Since its foundation in 2011, faculty has combined the best architecture education standards and teaching experiences within Europe becoming the architecture school of the regional importance. FAD offers the education at the highest standards with the curriculum that combines its main study fields, architecture, urban planning and design, with the understanding of the business skills and social sciences.

Aga Khan Awards Nominator Status

Thomas (TSPA) has been selected as Nominator for the thirteenth cycle of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture.

Kenya Municipal Plans Review

Thomas of TSPA is giving support to the Sustainable Urban Development Sector in Kenya as part of a multidisciplinary UN-Habitat team. During the last two weeks of August, UN-Habitat will review the Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans in 12 municipalities, particularly in line with addressing the challenges of urbanization, rapid urban growth and poverty, according to the following clusters:

  1. Mombasa
  2. Malindi /Kitui
  3. Thika/Machakos/Embu
  4. Naivasha/Nakuru/Nyeri
  5. Kakamega/Kericho/Eldoret

The project support of UN-Habitat to the Sustainable Urban Development Sector in Kenya funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi is premised on the fact that cities in Kenya are growing at an unprecedented rate without adequate urban planning. This contributes to the growing inability of Kenya’s urban areas to adequately provide the necessary urban services and to build sustainable and functioning cities for the future. The situation is exacerbated by the poor coordination of efforts by major urban and development actors in the sector.

Dagestan Agglomeration Plan Competition Jury

Thomas Stellmach is invited as a jury member for the ‘International Competition for a Strategic Vision for Development of Makhachkala-Kaspiysk Urban Agglomeration’ in Dagestan (RU) by the Strategic Council for the President of the Republic of Dagestan. The Jury will select 4 international teams to work on the strategic development plan for the city-region. The other Jury members are Carlos Morales-Schechinger, Uvays Kamalov, Markus Appenzeller, Alexander Boyarinov, Andrey Golovin, Irina Starodubrovskaya, Bulat Stolyarov, Jorgen Andersen, Gökhan Mentes, Jorge Gavidia, and Rumen Kalchev.