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  • Kiev Urban Actions

    Kiev Urban Actions

    [:en]British Council Ukraine and the Goethe-Institut, in partnership with CANactions, launched a programme to identify, support and implement innovative urban development projects that seek to reinvigorate post-industrial, mid-sized cities across the Ukraine through the cultural and creative industries. The programme recognises the importance of supporting communities which are working together to address common urban issues. […]

  • Kiev Workshop: Art Zavod Platforma & CANactions Results

    Kiev Workshop: Art Zavod Platforma & CANactions Results

    [:en]TSPA’s workshop at Kiev’s CANactions School for Urban Studies in Kiev reimagined a former industrial area as a creative cluster. The motto of the workshop — ‘from research to proposal’ — turned out to be very real: The site’s owner was sufficiently impressed by the results that he committed to continue the cooperation and to […]