Regional Development

  • Regional Development Strategy
  • Visioning

Metropolitan Strategies

  • City Development Strategy
  • City-Wide Planning
  • Metropolitan Scale Strategy

City & Landscape Planning

  • City Extension Plan
  • Urban Transformation
  • Densification
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Urban Transformation, Conversion of industrial areas
  • Waterfront Development

Urban & Neighborhood Design

  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Architecture Concepts
  • Urban Acupuncture

Analysis, Research &
Capacity Building

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Impact Studies
  • Academic Work
  • Research Projects

A view of our office in Berlin

At TSPA we have taken on projects that range in scale from region-wide development strategies to neighborhood regeneration projects. We have worked with municipalities, regional and national planning institutions, development corporations, nongovernmental organizations, community-based organizations and private developers. On the side, we commit ourselves to the continued academic development of our field through research, publication and teaching.

Public Sector

Our clients in the public sector comprise national and regional planning boards as well as municipalities. TSPA’s Regional Development, Visioning and Strategy services include planning for:

  • development corridors and urban agglomerations;
  • integrated landscape and city development;
  • productive agriculture and service-oriented job creation strategies;
  • and transport-oriented urban development.

At the city-wide scale, we have developed Metropolitan Strategies and Spatial Plans for:

  • city extensions or transformation;
  • review of land use and territorial development regulations;
  • preparation of competitions and planning documents;
  • upgrade waterfronts or repurposing former industrial areas;
  • and upgrade monofunctional residential neighborhoods that have suffered urban blight.

Private Sector

Within the private sector, our clients represent development corporations requiring planning services or expert consultation for urban design and analysis for:

  • greenfield and brownfield developments;
  • creation of neighborhoods;
  • development strategies;
  • master planning;
  • transformation (i.e. Conversion / Regeneration) of former industrial areas;
  • densification and upgrading of neighborhoods;
  • socio-cultural programming concept development to activate neighborhoods, including communication strategies;
  • urban design (in particular regarding the interface between architecture and public space to create human environments, such as urban acupuncture, to transform neighborhoods with specific catalytic projects);
  • and community design.

We also perform feasibility and project impact studies in the above listed fields. Additionally, TSPA has partnered with CBOs (community based organisations) and NGOs, as well as the academic sector, for various research and cooperation programs, and we are often sought out to partner on teaching and capacity-building programs and workshops.

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