Alessandra Sammartino

Architect and urban designer.

Alessandra Sammartino is a passionate professional in the fields of urban studies, architecture and urban design. She holds a Master degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano (2015) with a thesis that develops a regeneration strategy for the Cañada Real Galiana (Madrid) as ecosystem infrastructure and common ground.

Alessandra worked as architect and urban designer -with the Milanese firm Up! Design and research lab– on several european and international projects in the fields of urban design, housing, public buildings and public space.

She also carried out research activities related to sustainable urban development, with a focus on East African and Latin American contexts, participating in design activities and studies that were presented in several seminars and conferences.

As a recipient of an Erasmus+ scholarship Alessandra worked at the Conicet (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) where she developed an on-field research on a peripheral neighborhood in Mendoza (Argentina) with a focus on the resources management in the production of peri-urban landscape.

In 2016, together with a team of young researchers from MSLab – Politecnico di Milano, she was awarded with a special mention in the framework of the International Collaboration for Kenya Competition, a design contest organized by UN-Habitat, with a project on the Malindi waterfront as socio-ecological infrastructure.

Alessandra strongly believes in a mutual exchange between research fields and professional practice, always exploring new paths to challenge her skills and to keep learning.