Anke Parson

Project director and community expert. Anke takes care of participative urban planning, and the next generation.

Anke Parson studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden and urban development at the Architectural Association in London. After several years in renowned architecture firms in London, Dubai and Switzerland, she supervised various urban research projects in the area of ​​innovative neighborhoods in the Netherlands, Hamburg and Berlin.

Her work ranges from the spatial investigation of fast-growing “entrepreneurs” and the training of innovative industrial clusters in Holland to the development of a comprehensive model for the East of Hamburg to the development of the 2040 strategy for Chemnitz.

During her three years as a project developer at the internationally renowned creative village HOLZMARKT, Anke was able to put her approaches into sustainable urban development into practice. Her area of ​​responsibility included project management for the formulation of the development plan, the sustainable mobility, logistics and noise concepts as well as the conception and development of the construction project ECKWERK.

In the development of national and international projects in recent years, data visualization and its graphic presentation played just as important a role as the conceptual exploration of urban processes and the derivation of solutions for sustainable urban development. Her work has always included collaboration with representatives of the cities and the application of modern participation and cooperation formats.