Aurelija Matulevičiūtė

Urban designer at TSPA 

Aurelija Matulevičiūtė is an urban researcher & designer passionate about human behaviour and build-up environment. She is a recent graduate of M.Sc. European urban studies at Bauhaus University Weimar.

She studied and worked as an architect in Vilnius, Lithuania and later moved to Germany to join a master’s degree program focused on sustainable international development based on computational planning methods in Bauhaus University Weimar.

During her master’s studies, she got an opportunity to work as an intern in the Space & Sustainability department at the Municipality of Amsterdam, specializing in integrated urban development abroad.

Her master’s thesis project is a research study about the traditional use & the meaning of public spaces in Northern Ethiopia. A project, for which she received a grant from DAAD, allowing her to investigate daily life in small scale cities in the Amhara region and conduct comprehensive research on the site.

Her studies and work experience consists mainly of several urban research in the Global South and Europe, focusing on new opportunities for sustainable, inclusive development.

Aurelija is keen about the relationships between build up environment and human behaviour, cities identity and plants.