Christina Krampokouki

Architect at TSPA who enjoys endless reading and learning about cities.

Christina Krampokouki is studying at the Master of Urban Design at the Technical University of Berlin. She graduated in architecture with a dissertation that dealt with the divergence between natural and artificial landscape and proposed new routes and connections for the Athenian hills.

Before joining TSPA, she worked as an architect in Greece and gained extensive design experience being involved on different scale projects.  She participated in many competitions and she won the first prize in the architectural competition organized by Akzonobel, proposing to improve both the aesthetics and energy efficiency of the existing building mass in Greece, a new facade of the blocks of Athens.

Her concern for changing landscapes and the impact on human life leads her to pursue a second master’s degree in Urban Design, seeking a critical research project and creative solutions to contemporary urban problems in relation to cultural, social, and political conditions.

Her research now focuses more on the collaboration between architecture, sociology, and urbanization.

Starting from a small scale, product, she is looking for global networks, the spatial and architecture of the physical infrastructure which enables commodify flows, local and trans-local urban impacts.