Filippo Imberti

Project director and GIS expert. Experienced in juggling multiple projects and contexts.

Filippo Imberti is an urban planner and GIS analyst. His focus of interest is on the effects of data driven technologies on spatial design. Since the beginning of 2016 he works in Berlin for TSPA (Thomas Stellmach Planning & Architecture) as project leader and GIS analyst.

Within TSPA he elaborated strategies and guidelines for projects and programmes, managed partnerships with international and local organizations and institutions, supported publications, disseminations and capacity-building activities. He currently leads the GIS-based component of the office projects, from the investigation of new technologies in the GIS industry to database design and preparation of outputs and deliverables.

During the most recent works, he co-edited the proposal of the multi-stakeholder initiative The Implementation Gap, coordinated the development of Structural Plans for five Mozambican cities, developed GIS-based analysis for the provision of Public Restrooms in the cities of Berlin and elaborated the strategic plan for the integrated development of Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Together with Thomas Stellmach (TSPA) he collaborated with UN-Habitat supporting the programme for achieving sustainable urban development in city extensions and infill projects in the Philippines and Mozambique. Within this framework he participated in the preparation of a planning methodology for sustainable urban development and facilitated rapid planning workshops for professionals and city leaders in emerging nations.