Isabell Enssle

Isabell is an urban planner and architect passionate about the fruits of participation.
Isabell is an urban planner and architect with a keen interest in the interaction between the built environment and the people.
She holds a bachelor and master degree in Architecture & Urban Planning from USTUTT, Germany with a study abroad term in 2014 at the UKZN, South Africa. In the final years of her studies, she specialized in international Urbanism with a more in-depth focus on bottom-up processes and citizen participation.
During her studies, she got the opportunity to work on different projects for short term interventions in cities in Europe, Africa and Latin-America. From 2014 to 2016, she volunteered for the EZBET Project, working on the development of informal settlements in Abu Qarn in Egypt.
Besides her studies, she worked for a short period as an intern for the architecture office Blocher Partners in Stuttgart, Baupiloten in Berlin, the architecture journal Bauwelt. From 2015 to 2019 she worked as a research assistant for the international master program “Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design” at USTUTT. There she was part of the organization of multiple international conferences and workshops like the Summer School “Urban Development through local collective Action” at UCT, South Africa, and the symposium “Scenarios for Post-War Reconstruction in Aleppo”.
With her master thesis “Rethinking “Fortress Europe” — A strategy for inclusive and cross-border public spaces from Idomeni to Thessaloniki, Greece” Isabell won the graduate award 2019 of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at USTUTT. The thesis researches on the effects of the fortified EU border fences on the space and communities in three areas in Greece.
Further, it explores the potentials to dissolve the borders and points out the unjust and segregational planning policies for refugee accommodation in Northern Greece.
Isabell believes that architecture and urban planning play a crucial role in human rights. Therefore, she is actively involved in several NGOs working on the topic of human rights and the right to the city for all.