Jan Cyganski

Urbanist, with a particular interest in data analysis and strategic planning.

Jan Cyganski is an urbanist and architect with experience in strategic planning, integrated urban development and design. He joined TSPA in 2019 to support the team as a junior project leader, working on multidisciplinary projects in Germany and the middle east. Jan pursued a master of Architecture, Urbanism at Building Sciences at TU Delft and worked for renowned urban planning and architecture offices in the Netherlands, such as West8 and KCAP.

His primary focus is on sustainable city strategies and the immediate link to the urban space, and its spatial and socio- economic consequences. Jan is furthermore incorporating innovative analysis and design tools in his everyday urban planning practice.

Within the practice at KCAP and West8, he elaborated strategic frameworks and planning guidelines, developed integrated and innovative masterplans and was directly involved in the spatial design. Among other projects, he worked on the Amsterdam Schiphol Corridor. Jan developed a flexible concept, guidelines and policies on how to transform the area to enable sustainable mobility while maximizing the urban potential.

Due to his academic and professional background in the Netherlands, his work is strongly influenced by the, so called, Dutch planning approach. which combines urban design, spatial planning, landscape architecture and environmental modelling. Hence, Jan’s work is characterised by a balance between research and design, and a simultaneous work on multiple scale levels.