Sophie Leemans

Urban design and sketch artist

Sophie Leemans (*1996) is a recent graduate in the Master in Architecture at KU Leuven University campus Sint-Lucas Brussel where she finished summa cum laude and was laureate of the master’s programme. She joined TSPA in 2019 to support several projects as an intern.

She gained research-to-build experience during the co-design and -construction of a stage for the fifth and final edition of HORST Arts & Music festival in Holsbeek, Belgium. During her education, she took part in multiple international projects in the Global South like a development cooperation in Bolivia and an interdisciplinary Think Tank honours program in collaboration with Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Her language studies in high school and an exchange to Sweden have left her with a passion for writing and speaking multiple languages at a proficient level. 

She strongly believes in the power of projects embedded in and deeply related to their context on different scales, from temporary interventions to long term urban planning. She categorizes most of her recent projects as utopian realism, meaning she believes in the power of relatively small scale architectural interventions to address universal problems like vacancy and flooding.

In her master thesis project “Adaptive architecture and flood permitting cities” she has worked on urban flooding and the positive impact water can have on the daily life in the city. A project that received The Dean’s Choice label, was awarded the Jef Van Ranst Prize 2019 for analogue sketching and was nominated for both the VRP Graduation Award (of the Flemish Association of Space and Planning). Most of her projects are situated at the intersection of architecture and urbanism, with a deep interest in the carrying capacity of public space and sustainability in the broad sense of the word.