Yuan-Jung Wang

Urban Planner at TSPA
Yuan-Jung is an urban planner and designer with interest in finding possibilities in absence. She graduated from the Master’s program Urbanism – Landscape and City, at the Technical University of Munich in October 2019. During her studies she focused in tackling the challenges of global urbanisation and the transformation processes in metropolitan areas in Europe. Before coming to Germany, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in the field of urban and regional planning in Taiwan.

Besides her studies, she worked as a research assistant at the university for the resilient city and land use management, through the implementation of GIS analysis to understand the transformation of urban land use in Taiwan.

During an internship at Classic Design and Planning she helped shape a comprehensive plan and strategy for the development of green infrastructure for Taipei city. As part of this experience she also gained experiences in participatory planning and urban regeneration for hidden barracks in Taiwan’s densely populated urban fabric.

In her Master’s thesis” Taipei Void: the Acquisition of Public Spaces through Regeneration on Urban Void “, she explored vacant plots of the Taiwanese capital. It researched the city transformation in context regarding historical incidents, changing policies and real estate market and urban informality. She then further developed strategies and principles for the city’s nonspaces as resources for accessible public places from the scale of a neighbourhood to the entire build area. She joined TSPA in 2020 as Urban Planner and she also supports the Finance and Office team.