Plano Estrutura Urbana Sussundenga

Defining a structural plan for a city often is the solution to a resilient and sustainable future, especially in the regions that aim to predict the unpredictable. A structural plan is a framework to guide the development of the area by defining its upcoming demands and identifying key features that will influence the future. As well as defining patterns of land use, open space, and infrastructure.

Together with Mozambican firm Vocação Técnica, TSPA elaborated the structural plan for the city of Sussundenga. A process, also known as Plano Estrutura Urbana Sussundenga (PEUS) was initiated by the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) of Mozambique and that was based on a participatory approach and sustainable local development.

Rapid demographic growth and urbanization together with limited natural resources were fundamental threats for the city and the main challenges to face with. 

Our proposal defines the modalities of urban development by expanding and connecting infrastructure, encouraging the consolidation of the existing settlement, and leading future expansions in limited areas.

See the full project description on our project page. 


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