• Askren Manor

    Masterplan of the area.

  • Askren Manor

    Concept diagram. Built structure, program mix, allotment & parking

  • Askren Manor

    Diagrams. Green belt and city link. Active fringe and central park

  • Askren Manor

    Perspective from the central park towards the new neighbourhood

Askren Manor

Competition entry for a new neighborhood at the interface between city and countryside

The design uses the strategically favorable location of the Askren Manor Caserne as a linkage between the urban area and countryside. The area that is currently isolated will be transformed into a permeable urban neighborhood which will connect to its environment in various forms and scales. Living close to nature will be combined with the qualities of an urban lifestyle.

The central park in the centre will be the focal point of the new developing district. Taking out four camp buildings and merging their lots will create space for the public green. Using already existing structures and converting them to key elements of the new district is the central idea of the new park in the centre.

The main city ring connects the two access roads and will receive a new bus lane. All streets outside of the ring will be transformed into shared spaces where cyclists and pedestrians will enjoy relaxed traffic zones.

The design proposes an open block pattern. Diverse block structures – partly integrating or extending the existing buildings – are being suggested. Various building types will create a social and spatial mix as well as multiple ways of living. The permeability of the buildings allows for different configurations of private and semi-private green areas and pathway connections.

Team: Ali Saad, Thomas Stellmach, Luka Bezjak Collaborators: TH Treibhaus & Lavaland GmbH Date: 2014 Type: Competition Client: Schweinfurt Municipality Location: Schweinfurt, Germany Subject: Urban Design Surface: 28 ha Status: Completed