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«Das Ziel ist eine Stadt, die für alle da ist…» — The article «Room to Live» in Berliner Wirtschaftsgespräche

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Das Ziel ist eine Stadt, die für alle da ist…

(The aim is to build the city for everyone…)

What does it mean to us, that nowadays we live in the apartments, that have so little to do with the way how we live in the city? How to tame the increasing lack of affordable housing? What lessons can be learned from our other European countries? The article «Room to Live» about modern dwelling typologies and cooperative housing model tried to tackle these ubiquitous questions. Written by Thomas and his partner from urban coop berlin, Robert Ostmann this piece was published by Berliner Wirtschaftsgespräche.

See the entire publication here.

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Urban Coop Berlin: Second Round for Cooperative Housing Project «Schöneberger Linse»

Urban coop berlin has been invited to the second round of the comprehensive concept selection process for the «Schöneberger Linse» in Berlin. The criteria for the final selection will be in particular innovative programme and architectural solutions, besides the usual commercial factors.

As part of urban coop berlin, TSPA will start developing the concept together with leading de Giovannini architects on the base of the preference assessment of our members of the cooperative.

The “Schöneberger Linse” neighbourhood is envisioned as a model project in the South of Berlin. The 1,180 m² site will provide 900 apartments next to Berlin’s second largest train station Südkreuz. For the first time, the seat of Berlin plans to involve a mix of stakeholders as developers collaborating on a single site: building initiatives, cooperatives, investment groups and municipal housing agencies, to «ensure a stable neighbourhood development with a sustainable social and programmatic mix».