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Indonesia Ecodistrict Programme

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Exciting updates about the TSPA Indonesian adventure!

Recently, part of our team flew from Berlin all the way to Indonesia to carry on another step of the inclusive process that is having place in the amazing context of Java Island. The ambitious goal is working together, with international partners and local experts, to define sustainable and shared ways to deal with the multiple issues that the Indonesian cities are facing. Currently, back in Berlin, we are finalising the outputs of the path started on field, paving the way for the future phases. But, let’s take a step back…

In November 2018, TSPA was actively involved into a challenging project for Sustainable Urban Development in Indonesia, with the aim to develop resilience and sustainability among the Indonesian cities.

Under the lead of the Agence Francaise de Development and the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the cities of Yogyakarta, Semarang and Wonosobo were selected as pilot contexts to develop three sustainable Ecodistricts. In this framework, the TSPA team — together with the engineer office BERIM, the architectural firm Krill, the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy and Vriens & Partners — collaborated with the cities’ municipalities to develop the Ecodistrict Programme that aims to be an active instrument to implement Green Cities in Indonesia.

The challenge was not easy, but extremely interesting: is it possible to envision a dot on the horizon for a comprehensive, resilient and shared way to make cities in Indonesia? To answer this question, the consortium held two onsite workshops between April and June 2019, with the goal to engage city planning officials in a process to define the concept of the Ecodistrict and, at the same time, to build collectively a set of targets to successfully realise it in the urban context of Indonesia.

Workshop in Tembi Village and Wonosobo

A third workshop, the latest, has just been held in October 2019. It consisted of an in-depth field mission, in each of the three cities, aimed to co-create a spatial framework that would connect all the interventions into one easily communicable narrative, multiplying the effects of each project. In this regard, a shared process has been conducted in order to define three different scenarios: Yogyakarta — Ecodistrict for the preservation of the landscape heritage; Semarang — Ecodistrict as an example of water management based urban planning; Wonosobo — Ecodistrict as a leverage for green economic development.

As main output of this workshop, an organic set of project was combined into an integrated report that was released in the end of October 2019.

Our team is really happy to be part of such interesting and challenging process and we are looking forward to being part of the next steps. Stay Tuned!

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