• Park Schönfeld — Light Urbanity


  • Park Schönfeld — Light Urbanity

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  • Park Schönfeld — Light Urbanity

Park Schönfeld — Light Urbanity

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The design creates a circular large-scale object which plays on the contrast of the wide landscape corridors and the inner city area of the city of Kassel. Embedded in its environment, the large-scale object functions as an entrance zone to more densely populated areas of the city.
The offset of the suggested row and cube structure creates diverse types of public and private areas as well as smaller and larger outdoor spaces. Its permeability connects the large-scale object to the park and the city. At the same time it creates a continuous space of movement between the different plateaus on the inside. A square will be developed at the north-eastern edge near the Bosestraße which will serve as a distributor to the areas inside the district.

The traffic infrastructure strategy is favored by the good connection to the public transport system and focuses on a reduction of car traffic inside the district. Cyclists and pedestrians as well as bike- and car-sharing systems will profit from this strategy.
Building heights are positioned to fit the height level of the three plateaus of the Jägerstraße and gradually decline in the direction of the Fulda to allow the higher stories in the rearward rows to enjoy a view of the Fulda valley. All topologies are supplied with flat rooftops – a perfect requirement for green rooftops.

Team: Ali Saad, Thomas Stellmach, Luka Bezjak Date: 2014-2015 Type: Competition Client: Immobilien-Projekt Park Schönfeld Carree Kassel GmbH Location: Kassel, Germany Subject: Urban Design Surface: 4.3 ha Status: Completed