Structural plans of Mozambique received the Sustainable Cities And Human Settlements Award

Извините, этот техт доступен только в Американский Английский.

We are honoured and very thankful to receive the Global Human Settlements Award on Planning and Design as part of the Sustainable Cities And Human Settlements Awards.  We feel happy to have recognized this important effort to tackle contemporary cities’ issues, such as rapid urbanisation and sustainable development planning.

The project responded to the institutional decentralization Mozambique undertook in rapid demographic growth and scarce institutional control on regulated land ownership, it establishes conditions for improving local communities’ lives, promoting areas with basic infrastructures, and ensuring economic benefits. The Urban Structural Plans project pioneers in community involvement and participatory data gathering. Its approach proposes to put citizens and municipal authorities at the center of the design decisions by considering them both sources and decision-makers for the urban plans. The participatory process then went forward to an innovative data collection methodology in a complete lack of background information.

TSPA classified and analyzed data retrieved from satellite images and geographic information tools to produce a cognitive instrument, different scenarios, and design solutions. We are happy and humbled to be awarded for a project that thinks of the need for future cities with social representation, economic efficiency, climate change adaptation, and data-driven urbanism.

We look forward to continuing planning for liveable neighborhoods, integrated urban development, capacity building, digital urbanism, and resilient environments in the context of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the world. In the name of TSPA Berlin and Vocacao Tecnica, We are thankful for the award.

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