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Извините, этот техт доступен только в Американский Английский.

TSPA architecture intern Sophie has won the Van Hove Award with her graduation “Adaptive architecture and flood permitting cities – urban flooding as incentive for positive incremental change”. The prize is awarded by the UPA-BUA (Royal Professional Union of Architects in Belgium) to a graduating design and is open to all students who obtain a degree in architecture or architecture-engineering at a Belgian faculty of architecture, during the academic year of the prize. The proclamation took place at the Architects’ House in Brussels on November 20.

Sophie’s graduation project was developed as a flood permitting strategy for the neighbourhood Brederode in Antwerp, Belgium. The project wants to showcase the opportunities and positive effects of allowing water near our habitats (again). In this way, urban flooding becomes an incentive for incremental positive change in terms of climate adaptation.

A jury, consisting of Belgian and foreign architects who are fully in practice, assesses the submitted designs based on the following criteria:

  • the quality of the design, its coherence and development in relation to the research question and the assignment
  • the graphic quality, readability and communication skills
  • the interpretation of contemporary needs, the social added value and the anticipation of future needs
  • the spatial qualities
  • the experience value and the command of the formal language
  • the sense of reality and the feasibility.




The 2019 jury decided to respect the diversity of five selected projects without giving priority to a particular aspect with a unique prize and unanimously decided to award the five laureates five honorable mention, without special ranking. The laureates’ projects are exhibited at the Architects’ House in Brussels and will be published in the magazine of A+ Architecture in Belgium in 2020.

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Sophie Leemans, architecture intern at TSPA was awarded with the Jef Van Ranst Prize

Извините, этот техт доступен только в Американский Английский.

Our our dear colleague and architecture intern, Sophie Leemans was awarded with the Jef Van Ranst Price 2019 for the free-hand design sketches that form part of her master thesis master thesis “Adaptive architecture and flood permitting cities”. The award ceremony took place during the Flemish Architecture Festival as part of the symposium “Drawing Attention” on 25th September in Ghent.

Sophie Leemans (*1996) is a recent graduate in the Master in Architecture at KU Leuven University campus Sint-Lucas Brussel where she finished summa cum laude and was laureate of the master’s programme. She joined TSPA in 2019 to support several projects as an intern.She has worked on urban flooding and the positive impact water can have on the daily life in the city.

The Jef Van Ranst Price is awarded annually exclusively for students from all Flemish architectural education institutions, one Bachelor’s and one Master’s degree student. Each institution submits work of two Bachelor’s and two Master’s degree students and a professional jury selects the prize-winners within the lines of free-hand design sketches, the process drawing and the drawing as a means of communication.

Architect Jef Van Ranst (one of the founders of SVR-ARCHITECTS) had a dream: getting young talent back to drawing. Drawing, by hand, as an expression of a thinking, doing or design process rather than the drawing as an artistic artifact.

The jury consisted of Tony Fretton (Tony Fretton Architects), Inge Vinck (Architects de vylder vinck taillieu), Dirk Somers (Bovenbouw Architecture) and Philippe Van Goethem (SVR-ARCHITECTS) Picture Sophie Leemans and Philippe Van Goethem (Architect & Partner SVR-ARCHITECTS).



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Maputo Sixties Modernism

Maputo is one of the cities with the highest concentrations of sixties modernist architecture, if not the highest. Some impressions here, while Thomas is on mission for the UN-Habitat ASUD programme in Mozambique.