Thomas Stellmach member of the Smart City Strategy Advisory Board with the Mayor of Berlin

Our founder and director Thomas Stellmach joined as a member of the advisory board set up by Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, to accompany the strategy development supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior within the framework of the Smart City Call. 

We are honoured to be part of a process with other 15 members from the city’s science, business and administration, and recognise this exercise as “a first step towards involving the urban community in the future development of digital infrastructure and exemplary pilot projects”. 

The board is led by Dr. Frank Nägele, State Secretary for Administration and Infrastructure Modernization and the board members are:

– Dr. Anna Becker (vhw – Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development)
– Geraldine de Bastion (Connective/re:publica)
– Ulrike Huemer (Director of the City Council of Linz)
– Melanie Humann (Dresden University of Technology)
– Jutta Lautenschlager (Govmen GmbH)
– Lena-Sophie Müller (Initiative D 21)
– Walter Palmetshofer (Open Knowledge Foundation)
– Professor Jochen Rabe (Einstein Center Digital Future)
– Christian Rickerts (State Secretary in the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses)
– Professor Sven Ripsas (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
– Sabine Smentek (State Secretary in the Senate Department of the Interior and Sport)
– Oliver Schruoffenegger (district councilor in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)
– Thomas Stellmach (tspa)
– Sebastian Stietzel (Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin)
– Professor Olga Willner (Berlin University of Applied Sciences)
– Gerry Woop (State Secretary in the Senate Department for Culture and Europe)

TSPA is proud to be part of this advisory board which recognises our experience in Resilient Environments, Digital Urbanism and Shared Knowledge. 

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