TSPA one of five teams selected to compete and design the architectural and urban development concept for the new Ecopolis in Sakhalin, Russia

TSPA was selected as part of the 5 international teams that will design an architectural and urban development concept in the Open International Competition for the new Ecopolis in Sakhalin, Russia.
Together with Wowhaus, Nomura Research Institute, and the Scientific Research Institute of Ecology and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, TSPA will develop a concept for a new city model that will bring a “qualitative transformation of the regional economy, its modernization, and diversification, the development of green energy, as well as the creation of a technology incubator and new industries”.

We are competing with 5 international consortiums, including 38 companies from 5 countries. We will work on the concept of a new city together with participants from Russia, Japan, UK, Germany, and China.

Located in the furthest eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation, the challenge to develop the region of Sakhalin represents an exciting opportunity to implement the most advanced concepts of sustainable design, circularity, and resilient cities.

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