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Highlights from Georgia's First National Urban Forum

TSPA was honoured to participate in SUDA's inaugural event


26 June 2024



Two years after its founding, the LEPL Spatial and Urban Development Agency (SUDA) presents its achievements at the Georgia National Urban Forum.

Numerous ongoing and upcoming urban and regional development projects are underway. At the same time, public discussion on the importance of planned development is also being initiated.

Thomas of TSPA was honoured to support the conference along with Katja Schäfer and Herman Pienaar of UN-Habitat. Thomas hosted one of the four panel discussions, focusing on planning for the rapid growth of Tbilisi’s agglomeration and the needed actions, which SUDA will soon publish in a declaration.

Panel discussion hosted by Thomas of TSPA. Source: SUDA

Participants called for immediate action, the need for more cooperation among institutions, and the need for further developing trust through transparency and participation.

Other calls to action are to adopt a risk-informed approach to planning with clear regulations, a strategy for protecting the environment, and moving towards an adequate mobility system with urban density in the right places.

The need to understand the Mtskheta-Tbilisi-Rustavi-Gardabani as a single regional system was also voiced by participants.

Keep an eye out for the publication of SUDA's upcoming declaration!